For everything except the bore, I use Mil-Comm MC25 Firearm Cleaner/Degreaser followed by TW-25B Lubricant (grease) any place metal slides on metal (look for the wear marks). For protection from finger-oil, I use a very lightly oiled rag anywhere I might touch the bluing but then vigorously wipe it as dry as possible.

08/29/05 Addendum: For those who’ve read my earlier posting about Ed’s Red, be advised I have abandoned its use. It was just too messy and tended to move the dirt around instead of removing it.

Instead, I am now using Simple Green, a water-based cleaner, in a five minute scrub and soak, a very hot water rinse and wipe, bake in 175 degree oven (or on the patio table outside in the Phoenix midday sun) for 30 minutes, and a spray with Rem Oil and wiping away as much of that as possible.

For the 1911, I then give the barrel a traditional cleaning with Hoppes #9 and bore brush and swabs. I use a long dental pick to then clean the ridge inside the barrel where the 45ACP rounds index.

For the S&W Model 41’s barrel, I snake it, perhaps run a patch or two, but that’s about it because it just does seem to need anything more.

Final lubing of contact surfaces on both guns is with the TW-25B lubricant mentioned above.

When finished, guns are almost completely dry except for the residual TW-25B in the contact areas.

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