Do I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Yes, but in a sense we all are. We are all His creation, after all. But I know what most people mean and I’m being evasive.

The fact of the matter is, I just plain don’t know. I read what the Bible says and I hear what others believe but I’m not completely convinced either way, neither “pro” nor “con”.

I guess it just comes down to a matter of faith and, for that, I believe that Jesus had a very special message to deliver, an extraordinarily important reason for being at that time and in that place, and that what he did and said is still incredibly important for us two millenia later.

Following Christ means life-style, attitude and actions modelled on His teachings. In that sense, I am very much a follower of Christ, often failing but always trying to steer myself back to the Path, the Way, the Word.

But do I believe He is the Son of God?

The faith-filled part of my mind would say yes while the fact-filled part would have to add, “Part of me is uncertain.”

I don’t really know whether or not Christ is the Son of God. But I do know what He wants us to do. Indeed, I feel that knowing within my very bones. I know what His intention is in my life. It comes through when I stop. It comes through when I listen. It comes through when I stop what I am doing and listen to what He is telling me through my feelings.

In my most difficult moments in life, when I could not find the answer to what should I do in a given situation, when I’ve stopped and given it up to the Lord and then quieted myself and waited, He has always given me the answer. In a few moments, the answer to my dilemna has always come and has always been accompanied with a profound sense of, “This is what’s right.”

In each of those moments, I knew these were God’s answers. They were often very difficult to do, often accompanied by strong objections from those around me but, in every case, I knew they were right.

Thank you, Lord.

I am utterly convinced that what matters is what we do, how we act toward each other, what we do to enhance, promote and spread life. What matters is attitude and efforts.

Faith demands action.

That action can be powerful, it can be simple. It can be lengthy and drawn out, it can be over in a moment. It can be an act, a deed, a word, a gesture or a look but, whatever it is, it makes a difference.

Doing God’s work.

I don’t know if Christ is the Son of God, but I do know what He wants me to do. And it will take all my life to do as much of it as I can,

… God willing and granting me the ability.

Do I believe the Bible is the Word of God?

Perhaps, but since God created the three dimensions and time and energy and matter and the physical laws that cause matter to clump together and form stars and planets and galaxies and galaxies of galaxies, I have to confess I am dumbfounded to think that I might be able to understand even the tiniest bit of what God might have to say. Indeed, I am astonished that the Bible is as readable as it is but I also have to confess that I feel terribly presumptious to think I might possibly understand the smallest portion of His Word and His Intentions.

Some of what I read in the Bible leaves me confused, but I’ve learned to live with that. Life itself, after all, can be very confusing. Given enough time and scholarly study I could understand many parts much better, and I’ve learned to listen with interest to those who are experts, but I do note they sometimes disagree and, at that point, I say to myself, “God is infinitely bigger than we can understand. Sometimes I just have to accept my ignorance, and then go on the best I can.”

The bottom line is I read the Bible and take from it what I can for my life, and I have no choice but to leave much of it behind in mystery.

God gave me two hands to manipulate things, two feet to carry my body to where there are things to be done, eyes to see and ears to hear. Every fiber of my physical self is here to accomplish something.

Some study and thought are needed to decide what to do and reading and studying the Bible are part of figuring that out but I am not here only to study. I am also here to do, to build, to make, to encourage, to enhance, to promote life in every possible way.

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