From those of us who have …

… never known the horrors of combat,
… never had to find the courage to stay and fight,
… not seen the limp corpse of a friend who was just himself 10 seconds ago,
… not had to put our lives on the line “here and now”,
… all our body parts intact,
… never been struck by a blast wave,
… never heard a bullet pass by,
… never had to stop — kill — someone who was trying to kill us,
… not been afraid to think of going home for what that thought might cause,
… and most deeply, from those of us who, in our extreme ignorance, simply have no way of imagining what you have gone through and for what you have given us,

We am truly, profoundly, grateful.

It is only through the sacrifices that you made, that the ignorance we enjoy, has come about.

Thank you.

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