Hard At Work

I’m back in the SOHO – the Small Office, Home Office.

Jet-lag is the major fight to be won for the first few days. I can’t stay awake any later than 8:00PM and then I’m wide, WIDE awake at 3:00AM.

Coffee mid-afternoon doesn’t help. It just makes me jumpy when awake, puts a knot in my stomach, and when 8:00PM arrives, I can’t stay awake but find myself sleeping in fits and starts.

But then again, I’m back on a plane this Friday for Pennsylvania and a pistol competition near Palmyra on Saturday, and then over to a Pittsburg suburb for a five day custom class next Monday through Friday. So starting this Friday, I’ll need to be on east coast time and if I just add three hours to the above times, it’s like I’m already there.

Fly 18 hours from London to Phoenix, cross eight time zones, and find your body is just about in the middle of all that.

Go figure.

Besides, I get a lot done at 4:00AM in Phoenix with no one around. I just have to re-do it midday when I see how foggy my brain was with the first effort.

And then I run out of steam about 3:30PM.

But the footwear is great!

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