On occasion, and with all the frequent fliers miles and hotel points I earn, my wife goes along for a trip. Such is the case starting today.

I have a two day in Boston and then a four day the following week in DC. She will burn frequent flier miles for the three flights and, other than food and sightseeing expenses, that’ll be the total damages. (The hotel is the same for one or two occupants.)

And even better, she will sign-on as an extra driver and while I’m stuck in the classroom all day, she will have the run of two great areas. (We will pay the extra gas, of course.)

I was in both of these cities about a month ago but the trees were still green except for a rare smattering of color in Boston. This time I’m hopeful we will get the full treatment and, if it’s too late in Boston then it should be just about right for Washington.

Dinner this evening will be on Federal Hill in Providence as we wait for the Boston traffic to thin. And the next two evenings will be at the Acton Jazz Club. Yeah, we’re both jazz fans. (She sings, too.)

Fall colors, good food, good music and especially good company, here we come!

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