Transferring a Disk Image

Well, I thought this was a 1.5 day job in Alameda so I budgeted 2.5. As it happens, however, it’s going to be 4.5 by the time I’m done, and that’s only after farming out some of the grungy verification details to other specialists, all to be completed before New Years. (I doubt I made any friends among that group with this last minute chore.)

Next week I’ll be an hour north of Philadelphia for a three-day compression of a four-day course.

“We’ll just trim out the parts our engineers don’t need to know about,” their management probably said.

And I’ll be the one to tell the engineers in the classroom,

“Sorry, but what you’ve asked about was excluded from the course — we don’t have time to talk about it.
“Next question, please?”

And the week that after has me an hour south of Dallas for the full four-day version of that same course.

Then comes Christmas and New Years and a much needed break … Oh, except I forgot the follow-on of the grungy verification details I assigned myself from this week’s work.

Well, maybe I’ll get a couple of days of vacation in.


Shooting Bullseye at the Sunnyvale club last night
was theraputic.

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