Interesting Place

Comments such as this customer made are nice to get:

“Kudos to [your employer.] I can speak from personal
experience [that] the training material / presentation / labs for your [X]
product is far superior to the same training from your closest

This week’s experience (of attitudes) was the exact opposite of my previous entry.

This week, they recognized they were working to better their careers and therefore they made significant efforts to capitalize on the instruction and lab time.

This is the norm. And it was wonderful to work with them!

Classes like the “sour grapes” bunch in the previous posting are unusual, very unusual, but they do exist. I’ve encountered a few over the years and it is always unpleasant. The only saving grace is that I’m gone after a couple of days whereas they have to live with it.

So I’ve learned a valuable philosophy about work. When it’s good, enjoy it. And when it’s not, try to make it better, hang on long enough to see if that’s possible, but when it’s not, move on before it sours you too much.

That kind of poison can ruin your life.


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