Camp Perry 2009: 22 SF First Relay

It looks like the first relay’s Slow Fire results are posted (see match #135 at

With the first relay’s NMC, Timed and Rapid matches and then many more shooters in the next two relays to come, John Zurek is in the lead with 195-5X, a single point ahead of the next four all with 194 including Jim Henderson (10X), Robert Park (8X), Ron Steinbrecher (7X) and Luis Esparza (5X). Brian Zins only one additional point behind and well within striking range from sixth place with 193-4X.

The National Match Course (NMC) coming up next consists of a Slow Fire, a Timed Fire and a Rapid Fire target. It is fairly common for these top shooters to “clean” (tally 100 points) for each of the latter two targets making that first Slow Fire of this match the deciding factor.

Another exciting day begins!

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