“Evil” Jim Henderson
(Feb. 2009)

The scores from the NRA Practice Match are posted (see http://www.nrahq.org/compete/champ3.asp and click #111) and Jim Henderson is the winner with an astonishing 891-56x.

This match consists of three National Match Courses, one with the 22, one in Center Fire, and the final in 45 caliber.

Jim’s 891 score is only nine (9) points short of a perfect 900.

And his 56X count means that 62% of his shots were in the X ring itself.

This is truly an amazing feat!

John Zurek was second at 885-45X and while John’s score is incredible, Jim’s finish is all the more amazing when you consider that #2, #3 and #4 were all within one point while Jim leaped out by a full six (6) points to cinch the #1 finish.

Brian Zins tagged in at #6 with 881-46X.

And remember, this was only the practice match.

Tomorrow, the main event starts with the 22 caliber 2700.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?” (Forrest Gump)

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