Slow Fire Trigger Time Poll Result

Poll (ended July 25, 2009):

Data point: John Zurek, a High Master and 2012 Olympic team hopeful, holds in the 30+ second range. John placed fifth at this year’s Camp Perry Championship.

Broad generalization: A shooter’s ranking can be estimated from his Slow Fire hold time; longer holds suggest higher rankings.

But this does not necessarily mean that a longer hold will improve your score. Instead, it may simply indicate that accomplished shooters are able to hold longer (and wait more patiently) for that optimum alignment with a minimum of wobble.

Ergo: Upper-body strength coupled with fine motor control is paramount in this sport.

2 thoughts on “Slow Fire Trigger Time Poll Result

  1. Sorry I missed the poll. I believe Brian Zins holds in the black for five seconds or less. Either an exception or the generalization is indeed broad.

  2. And Zins says he focuses on the target, not the front sight.
    We'd probably all agree he is exceptional but is he also the exception?
    Good point, nonetheless.

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