Assuming flights are on time today, I’ll be at the customer’s location late this afternoon to re-image the disk drives of our lab systems (via Ghost) with the correct contents for tomorrow’s class.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be “in the classroom” days before heading home again on Thursday.

Then, Friday will be post-class processing with student-written course evaluations to enter, an expense report to complete and the usual end-of-week time card and status report.

All in all, that’s a pretty light week.

Teaching a two-day class is nice because the travel days usually fall within the week unlike our much more common four-day classes when instructors must travel either the Sunday before or the Saturday after depending on which four of the five day work week the customer wants for “the class”.

There is no “comp time” in this job so those days, like my recently sacrificed Labor Day Holiday and its following Saturday, both of which were “in transit” days for a four-day class during that four-day work week, are just part of the job.

It’s a paycheck, gang.

I’ve been without.

It’s a paycheck.

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