Indefinite Hiatus

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I’m on an extended break from Bullseye. [Not any more. See below.]

And before you ask, no, I didn’t shoot myself.

Rather, professional as well as personal matters are taking so much time that I’ve had to, reluctantly, put the guns away for a while.

And in case you’re not already following Tony’s Bullseye Blog, you might want to check it out. Tony’s a champ!

10s and Xs, everyone!


February 2010 Update: The break is over. I’m back to Bullseye and blogging after a five month hiatus.

3 thoughts on “Indefinite Hiatus

  1. Ed – I am sorry to hear that you are putting things on the shelf for a while. I've benefited from your blog. You've been an encouragement to me. Hope that your professional and personal matters are happily resolved soon.
    Dave Denny

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