Nighthawks 06/01/2010

“Where the heck’s
my front sight?”

It’s “traditional Bullseye 900” this coming week (Tuesday, June 1, 2010) at Nighthawks in Phoenix Arizona. Shoot any handgun (no magnums, please — range rules) and one- or two-handed as you prefer. Bring 100 rounds, more if you come early and want to practice before the match that begins at 6:30PM.

Shoot your 22, a 38, 9 mm, 45 cal, whatever you want. Shoot an automatic, a classy (or ugly) revolver, or … gee, is there anything else?

We will shoot three different ways this week:

  • Slow Fire – ten rounds in ten minutes (tiny targets at 25 yards!),
  • Timed Fire – five rounds in twenty seconds (twice on BIG targets at 25 yards), and
  • Rapid Fire – five rounds in ten seconds (twice on BIG targets at 25 yards).

Each form has different challenges:

  • Slow Fire – Perform and polish your “shot plan” (what you do) on each shot,
  • Timed Fire – Sight alignment and trigger control are paramount, and
  • Rapid Fire – Recoil recovery and getting back on the target are critical.

Last week we shot the Olympic-style Center Fire and, as always, that Duelling Fire is a real hoot. Sorry you missed it because we had a blast. On one of the Duelling Fire shots a large bug flew into the electronic bug zapper and let out a three second “sizzle and pop” just as the targets faced. I was so distracted I almost forgot to shoot as I waited for the bug to finish frying! (Glad I wasn’t standing where the smell or small parts went!)

  • What: Nighthawks (every Tuesday except July, August and 1st half of Sept.)
  • When: 6:30PM Tuesday evening (practice earlier if you wish — bring more ammo)
  • Where: Pistol range, Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, 915 W. Olney Dr, Phoenix AZ 85041
  • Cost: $5 members, $10 non-members
  • Ammo: 100 rounds suggested (more if you want extra practice — come early!)
  • Extra: $1 for a Luck Target (cash prize!)
  • Beginners: Always welcome
  • Format: Conventional Pistol (Bullseye) 900 this week
  • More: Contact me with your request by email or phone 623-203-9038 (cell), 602-866-8910 (home)

See you “On the line!”

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