State Farm says, “your [homeowners] policy will not be renewed”.

Apparently four (4) claims in over thirty (30) years is too many. The letter they sent lists our claims:

05-24-2011 Water Damage 2610.37
08-21-2006 Fire/Lightning 750.00
05-01-2000 Water Damage 670.84
06-29-1996 Water Damage 2278.31

Checking my checkbook, we’ve paid them slightly less than $1000 every year so that’s about $30,000 in and a little over $6,300 out. Gee, that’s a pretty good return, $30,000 out for an investment of $6,300. If I could get a savings account like that, I’d sock away a bunch!

But obviously State Farm doesn’t agree.

And I must add, when we called in this last claim, the agent did say something to the effect that if we make too many claims, they might drop us.

At the time, that made me angry — isn’t this what insurance is for?

But apparently four claims over the life of the policy, and only four over the last fifteen years?


So, I called the local agent we’ve dealt with for all this time. She told me that the hail storm that Arizona suffered a while back severely taxed State Farm’s resources and that, very recently, State Farm decided they needed to made some changes. And those changes resulted in a revised termination policy.

And we got axed.

Even though we had no hail-related claims, even though we were highly profitable to them, apparently we weren’t profitable enough.

The agent added, “State Farm is killing our business — we’re getting calls from tons of customers of this office and they’re all saying they’ve been cut.”

I said, “Well, we’ve liked your office and your helpfulness for 30 years. Call us if you decide to leave State Farm and go somewhere else.”

“34 years,” she corrected. “You’ve been our customer for 34 years.”

The cancellation notice said we could request, in writing, “information pertaining to the specific items of personal information which were the basis of the underwriting decision regarding … termination of your insurance.”

“Personal information?” WTF?

Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

But in the meantime it’s, “Hasta la vista, baby!”

State Farm won’t see me again.


Letter sent:

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