… and this is bad because?

I’m switching from “Old cranky that overheats” running Winders XPat to “New and obscure that isn’t supposed to do that (overheating), at least not until I really need it” computer running Windows 7.whoKnowsWhat.What.What.

20110831-101513.jpgApparently there’s the password that’s inside the new computer that I was using just fine this morning, and then another, different password on the “corporate network” which I just made the mistake of connecting. I guess the passwords were out of sync owing to the fact that the new computer has been sitting here for months while I was taking the old one on a tour of North America, and that long delay fooled my IT group who set the new password.

So now I’m locked out. All the passwords I’ve tried, new, old, very old, made up in great anger, etc. are NFG.

So I called the company IT department and left ’em a nice voice mail when my temper had calmed.

And so here I sit watching the clock, and then poking and surfing the Web with my cute little iPad2 for something to do.

Shall we order up a Rumpole Anthology from Amazon? Used paperbacks from $0.01? Wonder what that vendor will want for “handling and shipping” – Hah! Seven bucks! Not exactly the USPS book rate, now is it?

No thank you.

Let’s “Continue Shopping,” shall we?

Update: IT is stumped also. They can’t get in either. So I’m back on “Old cranky that overheats — but works” and the bad disk drive is on its way to the Bay Area for R&R — Reformat and Reload.

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