20110913-072946.jpgI’m co-teaching this week with another SME (Subject Matter Expert). We both know the same core facts but we’ve used them in different ways for some very different systems. We’ve been wanting to co-teach like this so we can learn from each other.

That’s the goal.

But, like many who teach these real short, intense seminars, we both have really big egos – what, who me? – and we both also love to be the unquestioned center of attention.

Letting him get the spotlight while I sit in the dark is hard. I almost have to jam my fist into my mouth to keep from improving interrupting what he said and, thereby, stealing the attention of the class to me, Me, MEEE!

And when it’s my turn to shine teach, he has to sit quietly and not interrupt.

And we did pretty good.

I taught, he listened.

Then he taught and I listened.

We each asked a couple of deep, probing questions and got comprehensive and carefully worded answers. And then we each sat still and quiet the rest of the time. It was exactly what each of us wanted from the experience.

Until the last 30 minutes, that is.

But then, like combatants on a Saturday morning TV wrestling show, our attention-starved inner daemons broke free, vaulted over the ropes and into the ring where we both grabbed the Subject Matter and beat the crap out of it.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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