Events have aligned themselves so I get to shoot again!

I’ll be at the Cherry Creek Gun Club in Denver next Monday evening, October 31. (Should I go as a vampire or a goblin?)

Steve, a good friend and Denver resident, picked up my plea to the Bullseye group on Facebook and will bring extra guns and ammo that evening. All I need are my eyes – protective glasses that I wear all the time anyway – and ears – the custom-made in-ear plugs in my travel bag are for such occasions.

They start as early as 4:30PM and Steve said the first relays will probably fill the 20 firing point, indoor 25 yard range but he will fit me in somewhere. (Apparently he runs the show that evening.)

Will I remember to “Focus on the front sight and move the trigger straight back”?

I guess we’ll find out Monday!

2 thoughts on “Shooting Vagabond

    1. I shot Steve’s iron sight 22 in an NMC. Firstbshot was off the paper but, thereafter, they were all in the repair center. It always amazes me how subtle you have to be in this sport. Hoping to get to the range(s) more often – I miss the people (and the X ring). :)

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