Wichita Lineman


Two hours flying to Tulsa then three driving to Wichita. Ought’a get there by eight or nine.

Lunch was a Nathan’s hot dog with kraut and fries in the airport. [Burp!] Dinner will be at some drive-thru in Kansas.

I wonder if the corn is all in yet? I’ve never seen it in person at full height. That’d be interesting.

Customer says he’s ready for me tomorrow at 7:00AM. I wonder if I can get a tour of their plant? That’d be very interesting!

I brought two baseball caps, one for this week and one for the week after in Denver. I try to wear the hat of my customer’s competitor so I’ve got one with a skunk and one with … I think they call it their “swish” logo. Both make things that fly.

See ya later!

Addendum: No corn. In fact, there’s practically no agriculture in this part of Kansas. Lots of cattle and horse ranches but no crops.

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