Eight months.

It’s been eight months since I’ve shot a handgun.

Between some serious health challenges and then some once-in-a-lifetime work opportunities, lesser interests were just pushed aside for that period. Bullseye was one of the latter.

But today after three consecutive weeks on the road, I had a “down day” with nothing on the agenda other than dropping the car off for repair and then replacing two light bulbs on the patio.

So I got in some backyard paper punching.

This is a Crosman Blaser pellet converter for series 70 (and earlier) 1911s. You see it here on my Air Force hand-built Essex lower ball gun.


You remove the 1911’s slide but keep the lower and the slide stop (not in photo). After reinserting the slide stop into the lower, the Crosman Blaser drops on and uses the slide stop for alignment. The slide attachment screw goes up through where the magazine normally resides. It lines up perfectly – I never have to “fish” for the screw hole.


The bullseye shooter I purchased it from still had the original box including all parts and instructions. The only challenge is with the CO2 cartridge cylinder’s piercing screw: you’ll want to work fast when it makes the hole and gas starts escaping. Quickly tightened, the booket says you should get about 60 shots from each cylinder.


The “pellet loader” (below) shuttles out to the left exposing the pellet chamber. You drop in a pellet, slide the loader closed and then manually cock the 1911’s hammer. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer drops on the backside of a small piston and a measured amount of high pressure CO2 is released firing the pellet out of the barrel.


The price shown on the box is what the previous owner paid. He quite generously let me have this now hard to find item for that very same price.


When I have some targets that no longer demonstrate the effects of that eight month hiatus, I’ll post a couple.

Until then, I’ll be in the backyard shooting International AP at 10 meters with my 1911.

10s and 10.9s!

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