20120112-202813.jpgFive day class in Oklahoma City this week at the FAA for the group responsible for WAAS. (I’ll let you Google it.)
Random comments:
+ The Walmart sells Sushi. This is not a good sign.
+ The famous, 100 year old steak place has plenty of atmosphere with city cops sitting at the counter eating dinner and my ribeye was good, but I’ve had better for less in Texas (Salt Grass), and the salad and baked potato were BORING. Apple pie was tart, but a tad too much – apples used too soon.
+ The Pla Jian at Panang Thai was as good as any Thai dish I’ve had anywhere in the world. Everything completely fresh, real tasty piece of catfish, great crust, utterly perfect rice. Unexpected and much appreciated after the foregoing experiences.
+ Expecting low of 19 degrees tonight. (No ice scraper in the rental car.)

Palmdale CA next week. I’ll be behind the skunk.

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