The “Tool Band-it” I got in my Christmas Stocking is taking “Open Carry” to a whole new level.

It’s a strap-on bunch of magnets, originally intended to hang on to nuts and bolts but here you can see it does just great with a set of channel plyers, my NRA knife, S&W 36 snubby and a combination straight and phillips head mini-screwdriver.

What more could you ask for in “Open Carry!”

Tomorrow morning I have to go down to the Phoenix Public Record Office to get a “Letter of Clearance” from the Phoenix Police Department for my Visa application for an upcoming trip to Brazil. I think I’ll wear this and, heck, I’ll bet all the officers, city workers and the minorities waiting in line along with me will think this setup is just super-nifty keen!

Thank you, Santa!

2 thoughts on “Tool Band-it Open Carry

  1. It reminds me of fond memories. Back in the day when my boys were in middle school, one in particular loved to play “MacGyver.” … Got to hand it to Santa, it’s almost as cool as a Bat Utility Belt.

    So, can I get one for me at Midway?

    1. Got mine from “As Seen On TV” dot COM — — the only hassle is putting the darn thing on one arm without two more to “hold and fasten”. But once secured to an arm, it hangs on real good to 1911s just fine. And strapped to a thigh, it’d be just the thing for a lady’s under-skirt carry, too.
      Boy, you’d think those TV sales guys would pick up on the concealed and open carry market for these.
      What an idea!

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