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After the party for our son-in-law’s birthday yesterday at his parent’s home, we took a hike into the Bureau of Land Management wilderness area behind their property to find a safe spot for target shooting.

Our granddaughter knows the drill from previous sessions so, after a quick reminder of what’s what, I handed her my 1911 and a magazine with five rounds of ball ammo. Her first shot nailed one of the refilled small drinking water bottles thirty feet away we had set up as reactive targets.

“Can you do that again?” I asked.

She nailed two more with the same magazine.

A few months ago she went to a trap and skeet range with another family and did quite well on the clays, her first time with moving targets.

A natural?

She’s also a top-notch soccer player, is being recruited by ivy league universities, and maintains straight A grades with a heavy load of “Advanced Placement” courses.

(Now boys, you be nice.)
* Note: Somebody smack me … hard. No safety glasses. Oops, where was my head?

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