1911A1, Technical Manual No. 9-1005-211-34, Department of the Army

Over here is the invitation to 1) write three things that indicate a gun owner might be an honest one, and then 2) challenge five other gun owners to do the same.

I’ll do the first and leave it to my readers for the second.

Here’s my list of how to recognize an honest gun owner:

  1. You don’t know they’re a gun owner because they don’t advertise it;
  2. They practice at least occasionally, and do so on paper targets, not beer cans, water jugs or spent shotgun shells, and at a legitimate range unless they have sufficient property to have their own “out there in the back”; and
  3. Their guns are clean or no worse than lightly fouled, fully operational, and secured against children and the innocents, the ignorant, the untrained and from those on whom the guns might someday be needed.

4 thoughts on “Honest Gun Owner

  1. Secure your self, your family, and your equipment. Maintain viglance over your thoughts, expressions, and attitudes. Allways look for the best in your surroundings with a watchfull eye.

  2. Man, this one’s really making the rounds.

    Thanks for the reminder. I have two pistols from blog shoot at NRA HQ last weekend that haven’t been cleaned. Oops.
    Been working too much lately.

    You’ve been bookmarked.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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