Sao Paolo First Impression

20120325-221835.jpgIt’s humid, the airport was busy and the airport Marriott looks like any other Marriott. My first impression after two hours is that Brazil is like Miami except the locals aren’t Cuban, speak a language that occasionally sounds like I’m in South Phoenix but then doesn’t, and they serve the Heinekin nice and cold.

All in all, I’m nice and comfortable. It’s not very foreign unless you count trash cans next to toilets where you put used toilet paper instead of flushing it.

But who’s counting?

Time for a shower, a quick spin through the channels and then some sleep.

Tomorrow I move 40 miles out to Sao Jose dos Campos for eight nights and lots of work in the daytimes. That almost-a-suburb is where the aeropace industry resides. I’m expecting offices, industrial sites and residential neighborhoods.

“Who knows what tomorrow may bring?”

Thanks, Forrest.

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