20120415-070910.jpg2700 today in Phoenix AZ, first shot 8:30AM. Weather partly cloudy, 10% chance, 55 degrees warming to 72 mid-afternoon, winds 5-15. Will shoot freshly made wad from yesterday. Taking ball for Service Pistol NMC.

Post Script

Monday, April 16, 2012.

My 22 was good and, at 842-20, well into my Expert classification. And while I didn’t clean any targets, I was “within range” several times.

The lesson there is to keep the nines in the gun until they mature into tens or Xs, but to do so without “dressing up” those shots. No doubt that is “easier said than done.”

The best that can be said of my center fire and 45 is that, compared to how I shot back in February after a relatively long break from serious competition, I’m getting better again.

But to be honest, I’m just barely shooting Sharpshooter scores with the wad gun, and I do mean “just barely” by three points in center fire and zero in 45. The problem was all too obvious in the 45 slow fire when my scores for those three targets were 83-1 then 78-0 and finally 72-0.

In a word, I was pooped.

Up to then, my new effort at keeping a locked wrist was working reasonably well. My 22 scores in particular showed the value. But after a good center fire Slow Fire including a 92-4 that was very pleasing, the sustained fire scores started to trail off. I would start each string with determination to keep the wrist locked but my stamina just wasn’t there. And by the NMC in 45, it was a real struggle.

Overall, and with the many good friends who were there, I had a great time. The weather was very nice as well so, all in all, it was a very fine day.

So now (on Monday), it’s back to the exercise weight with strengthened conviction. This really is making a difference!

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