20120402-063413.jpgTwo more days in the classroom here in Brazil.

New equipment today. Do we have enough of the right power plug adapters? Was anything damaged in shipping? Will it all work?

Rarely taught material. Will I come up blank on any of the pages? Will I get caught with my foot in my mouth?

Wednesday will be an airplane day flying from Sao Paulo up across most of Brazil, the Caribbean and Cuba in a middle of the plane seat watching A Beautiful Mind, Amadeus and Contact on the iPad.

I spend the night at the Miami airport hotel before taking a short train ride up to Fort Lauderdale and the plane home.

Between Houston and Brazil, it will have been seventeen consecutive days out. White Plains NY is “on” for two days next week plus getting there and back. Korea is the week after that.

More than any other place, the colors and trees in Sao Jose dos Campos reminds me of Santa Barbara California. Come to think of it, there are about the same number of English-speakers, too.

I’m ready to not do this travel-thing.

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