Worn-out Brass

20120519-101205.jpgNot a good sign.

One pass, fourteen fail and 985 to go.

Cleaned for an extra hour to reach a semblance of shiney, this old brass sat in someone’s to-be-reloaded pile for years slowly growing cruft. The vibratory cleaner and brass polish yesterday removed a lot of it but the Martindale Gauge is now rejecting almost every piece.

It’s tired stuff.

Fat middles, offset bottoms, bulged bases – sounds like Expert class at a Bullseye match.

My wadder has an intense dislike of such.

I rarely buy used brass unless I know the shooter and they have no Glock in 45 that pops out over-stressed brass. But even without a Glock, brass eventually reaches the point where the repeated stretch and shrink cycles hit a limit.

This brass looks tired. It can no longer suck in that beer gut. When that happens to brass, unlike the shooters, it has to give up Bullseye.

This pile of 1000 I got for $50 may be a lost cause.

Should I reload and try a hundred, pass it along to some IPDA gunny for $25 or just go ahead and submit it for the fiery reincarnation at the metals recycling center?

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