Day 2 Free Pistol Competition

John Zurek -- at the 2010 Desert Midwinter competition, Phoenix AZ

CLICK HERE for today’s results in the Free Pistol competition at Fort Benning Georgia for the last seat on the US Olympic Team for London.

Or point your browser to and, in the “Latest News” area on the right, look for the report “Three-Time Olympian Szarenski …”

An Excel spreadsheet with all results is available CLICK HERE under the “2012 19th Annual USASNC RP/Smallbore Olympic Team Trials” heading.

Jim Henderson, hot yesterday, finished ninth today. He did not make today day’s final. (Yes, there’s a “final” on each day: Three days, three finals.)

Tomorrow (Saturday) will tell the tale. Competitors will fire the requisite 60 shots from 8:00AM-10:00AM, and the final (final!) for the top finishers will then be shot starting at 10:30AM, and one hour later, it will all be over.

The seat on the Olympic team is awarded based on a combination of the 60 shot competition totals from each day plus the best two finals.

Awards at 11:30AM (Eastern) tomorrow.

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