20120612-151515.jpgIs it radioactive?

Why does the relish glow – sometimes green, sometimes blue – in Chicago?

Passing through Midway en route to New Hampshire, I had one of my unhealthy but favorite lunches, a grilled dog Chicago style – hold the raw onions but load on everything else, thank you.

Alas, the self-proclaimed “Chicago Hot Dog” vendor in the food court failed. They used a pickle, not a cuc[umber].

But I ate it anyway because poppy seed buns are irresistable and the dog had the crisp snap of a natural casing. It was fantastic even with that one shortcoming.

Outside of work this week in NH, I’ll be paying visits to the Hudson Game and Fish on Wednesday evening to meet a friend and then the Pelham Game and Fish Saturday morning for two-thirds of a 2700. And in case you don’t know what that is, let me just say that neither game nor fish will be endangered; only paper targets at 50 and 25 yards.

10s and Xs, and flourescent relish, ya’ll! (Ooh, my southern snuck out. They won’t understand that in NH.)

P.S. “What’s the Wauconda connection,” you ask? A good friend lives in that Chicago-burb and he frequently Facebooks his culinary excursions. The relish always brings his adventures to mind. (Hi, Stephen!)

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