Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

We all know that.

The Supreme Court said this week that the health care system is constitutional.

It is legal.

They said that, according to the US Constitution, the federal government can make this law. It is permitted.

They did not say it was good. They did not say it would work. They did not say it was money well spent.

They said that, according to the Constitution, it was legal.

No more than that.

All questions of whether or not this is something the government should do are still open as are questions of affordability, who is actually going to be putting in the money that pays the bills incurred by the previously uninsurables, how it will ultimately affect the quality of healthcare overall and a hundred more questions, all of those questions are still open.

The Supreme Court said, “He can do it.”

The question remains, “Do we want it?”

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