20120813-133434.jpgBarbequed pork, chicken, sausage – plain and spicey – and a beef brisket to die for, scrumptous mild and hot sauces, and plus the best beans I’ve ever had (sorry, dear) and potato salad (OK, not as good as the wife’s, but darn close) and … … I’m so full I can’t remember what else they have.

Chuck Wagon BBQ on Madison Blvd in Madison Alabama is a weekday, lunch-only place. I’ve been there on business trips to Huntsville for each of the past several years and they’ve never let me down. Expect a crowd, foam plates and plastic dinnerware. Lunch will be more than $10 but less than $20 – there’s a Krystal and McDonalds down the street if you can’t afford it but you’ll get no sympathy from me. This place is worth every penny.

Having sampled several of the area’s long-standing BBQ places, I can honestly say they all need to stop relying on their reputations because what the Chuck Wagon delivers every day for lunch has them all beat, hands down.

And if you see the crew of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in the area, point them in another direction so they don’t mess up this gem like all the other places they’ve touched.

Shhhh! Chuck Wagon is good, really good. Don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Ooh! I hadn’t thought of that but, yes, Von Braun and the other ex-nazi rocket guys would’ve made German cuisine very profitable in Huntsville Alabama where they jump-started rockets and eventually the US space program. I will ask around. Thank you!

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