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No, no, no, don’t click here! This is just an example. [Sheesh!] The real icons are *WAY OVER* on the right or down near the bottom — use the scroll bar, in that case.

I’ve added a link to the RSS feeds, both for articles and/or comments, for this blog. It’s at the top of the “sidebar” which appears either on the right if your display is wide enough, or after all the articles on narrow displays and mobile devices.

Look for the usual orange icons and click to subscribe. (“Posts” will get you everything.)

[Instant Edit: To see the subscription icons, you’ll need to be at the main page,, not reading a specific article which is what you’re probably doing right now. Oops!]

RSS feeds give you a way of finding out if I’ve posted anything new since you were last here. You don’t need to come and look. Instead, an RSS reader will tell you what’s new and give you a brief look. If you like what you see, you can click-through to read the whole article.

RSS feeds are a time saver. They show you only what you haven’t already seen.

(Clicker gets Bigger!)

You’ll need an RSS reader service to monitor your subscriptions. I use

When I go there, I see a list of the websites to which I’ve “subscribed” and the number of articles on each that have been added since my last visit.I also see the title and about six lines of text from each of those articles. I can then quickly scan the available articles and click-through to any I want to read in full.

But if nothing has been added, the reader service tells me that.

“Move on. Nothing to see here.”

(You know the drill for bigger, right?)

Finally, on my iPad2 I bought a supplementary reader called “reeder” that connects to this same website and gives me the same information and capability except I can’t add or remove subscriptions from the iPad2. For that, I have to use a normal browser and connect to

But since I don’t modify my subscription list very often, it’s a small annoyance that is more than offset by the convenience of having a list of unread articles on my favorite blogs, all summarized and accessible from my iPad2.

I’ll waste less time looking for new articles I want to read from my favorite blogs.

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  1. I heartily second Ed’s recommendation here, although I recognize that change is difficult for some. I’ve been using Google Reader for a few years to monitor this blog and many others. Its ease of use will soon make users wonder why isn’t everyone providing RSS feeds? However, some, like TargetTalk for instance, choose no to support RSS yet.

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