This could not be more transparent, more pathetic, or more abusive: “White House studying potential oil reserve release“.

Obama is considering the release US oil reserves, ostensibly to hold the line on a sanction of a foreign state, but at a time when the resulting reduction in gas prices will undoubtedly garner votes for him in the upcoming presidential election.

When the gas runs out, he will be in office again but we will all be paying the cost when those artificially reduced prices evaporate and soar to their real level. Democrats, Republicans, illegals, everyone will pay and, in so doing, finance his re-election.

Such self-serving, double-purposed actions reveal that his true agenda is to serve only Barack Obama, not the United States of America.

Saying, “I am not a crook,” didn’t make it so before, nor will it this time.

The man is a thief, stealing the property of the United States for his own gain.

Transparently pathetic abuse of power.

I am disgusted.

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