Bullseye Shooter Characteristics

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4 thoughts on “Bullseye Shooter Characteristics

  1. 50+ years with bullseye pistol as my passion.
    I am an NRA Certified Instructor for over 30-years and was the Pistol Director and Chief insatructor at my Club in Florida before moving to Washington state. I am currently on the teaching staff here at my club in Kenmore, just outside of Seattle.

  2. Precision shooting has been my passion for over 35 years. The first 15 as an Archer and long range varmint shooter. I joined the Bullseye shooters fraternity a bit late, about 12 years ago and realized I had found my home. This compulsive search for shooting perfection, while realizing it’s not in my personal achievable goals, has us hoping that we’ll be around when someone actually does it.

    It’s a wonderful road we travel shooters, lets not forget to enjoy the journey.

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