Results: Bullseye Shooter Characteristics

The Bullseye Shooter Characteristics survey garnered many interesting answers, some funny, and many I’m sure you expected.

In summary* form, here are the results.

1. Do you shoot the handgun sport known as Bullseye?

Qty Response
68 Yes
0 No

2. What word(s) would you use to describe Bullseye shooters? (Hard working? Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Green Party? Honorable? Slimey snake in the grass?)

Qty Response
13 republican
8 conservative
7 friendly, hard working, honest, honorable
5 detail oriented, focused, generous, helpful, libertarian
4 patient
3 dedicated, persistent, smart (intelligent), x-military
2 anal, careful, confident, disciplined, intelligent, meticulous (1 – tend to over think things), patriotic, responsible, sportsmanlike, thoughtful, traditional, trustworthy
1 2nd amendment supporters, ambitious, amiable, blue collar, braggards, calm, capable of intense focus, cerebral, cheap, closed minded, committed, compassionate, competitive, concientious, conventional, democrat, egos can take loosing on a regular basis, encouraging, engineering type people, enjoy a challenge, enthusiastic, exacting, freedom-loving, frugal (cheap), generally rather quiet, gentlemanly, giving, goal-oriented, good american people, good natured, good portion retired but many are not, good to their word, hard nosed, hardheaded, healthy, high moral standards, humble, independent, individualistic, instructors, liberal, likable, machine workers, mature, military (active), not rambunctious, obsessive compulsive, older guys, open, opinionated, optimistic, organized, outgoing, perfectionist, politically reactionary (most), precise, progressive democrats, resistant to change, resourceful, retired , self-disciplined, self-driven, self-supporting, sharing, sincere, single-minded, skilled, sociable (at least the ones i shoot with), steadfast, successful, supportive, taciturn, technical, tenacious, tinkerer, welcoming, willing to share info, work for a living

3. Considering the Bullseye shooters you know, what else, besides shooting, do they do? (Do not restrict your answer to just hobbies. Please include activities during all waking hours of every day of the week and year.)

Qty Response
11 work
10 hunting
9 automobiles (vintage, repair, hot rods, technical, trucks), reloading
8 motorcycle (riding, technology, and “harley!”)
7 music (making, not just listening)
6 construction (carpentry incl “built my own house” and “remodeling”), ham radio
5 computers, fishing, machinists,, mechanical aptitude and interests, pilot (chopper and fixed wing), volunteer
4 outdoor (activities, recreation, sports)
3 doctors, engineers, family, golf, gunsmithing, instructors and teachers of (hunter safety, firearms), photography, retired, rifle (high power or just “shooting”), shooting sports (in addition to Bullseye), tool and die, welding
2 believe in god (religious), electronics, exercise, lawyers and legal professions, plumbers, professionals
1 accountants, active military, archery, attend club meetings, banker, biking, blue collar, bowling, coaching, college educated, conservative, dentist, do-it-yourself, drink, electrical engineer, electrician, entrepenuers, executive (corporate), farming, few with menial jobs (it takes money to play this game), help others, hiking, hvac maint, janitors, kayaking, male, management, manly sports, mortgage broker, parenting, pick their noses too, pilot (model helicopters and radio-controlled planes), pipefitter, programming, psychiatrists, retail merchant, self employed, social, surgeons, technology, tinker with their guns, travel, winemaking, x-military

4. In which age groups are most Bullseye shooters? (Please check no more than three age ranges.)

Age Qty %
Less than 20 years old 3 4.35%
20-34 5 7.25%
35-49 37 53.62%
50-64 23 33.33%
65-79 1 1.45%
80 or more 0 0%

5. Any additional comments?

Qty Response
3 musician, x-military (1 – but declining since the military has switched to more computer styled “games” type training with the leo’s following suit)
2 computer, military
1 appreciate precision, bicycle riding, calm, cost of bullseye keeps out those with only a casual interest, detail-oriented, doctors, finance, frugal (overly), ham operator, highly technical, instructors (most are interested in explaining things in great detail),
intj or intp while the i is very slight and in many cases is an e, entj or entp the j/p is slight too, and could be either. the nt are strong though. (myers briggs personality classifications),
lawyers, management, marketing, married with grown or teenage kids, middle-class, motorcycles, nice guys, open, patient,
perfectionists (will search to the ends of the earth to find that best bullet
powder scope or any other item that will get them one more point in a match),
photographer (amateur), pilots, put off by political proselytizing online and at competitions, social (great way for retired like me to get together and enjoy life), strive for perfection,
strong (bullseye shooters tend to have lots of equipment… so they must be pretty strong),
taciturn personality, welcoming,
anddddddd some of us are women!!!


* Notes:
All identifying information has been removed. In some cases, a common synonym has been substituted (e.g., “smart” for “intelligent”). Extraneous responses (caused by clicking “Submit” more than once) have been removed. All responses were converted to lower-case during processing. Irrelevant and off-topic responses (spam) have been removed.

4 thoughts on “Results: Bullseye Shooter Characteristics

    • The age spread is reasonably correct for the Phoenix AZ club but I’ve visited other clubs where all the hair was white (and been whipped, soundly I will add). I guess it just depends. Some of the factors are in the data: this isn’t an inexpensive sport and mastery takes time and, for most, a lot of practice. Working folks may not have the time or extra cash.

      As to the purpose of the survey, it is my hope that what we may learn from this can then be used to better identify those who might join the hobby so that we can put our efforts on attracting those individuals while not wasting efforts where we are unlikely to get new shooters of Bullseye.

      • Not so, Ben.

        It is “from” Bullseye shooters who use computers, yes, but it asks for information about *all* Bullseye shooters the respondent knows. (More on this below.)

        Only the first question, “Are you a Bullseye shooter?” was exclusive in this regard. That question is there to qualify the respondent’s answers. If someone shoots Bullseye, then my assumption is they know other Bullseye shooters and so their answers to the remaining questions may have merit.

        And indeed, the replies were, for the most part, about the community in general rather than single individuals. There were, of course, a few of those and those personal observations are valuable too. But most answers were about many people, not just one.

        I think we got a usable, but certainly not 100% accurate, picture. I’ve shot Bullseye at many clubs in the US and, from my experience, all the answers were credible — they all ring true.

        “Usable” is what I was after.

        What the larger community has supplied, in a very short period of time, is a much more comprehensive picture than any one person could have developed from their own experience.

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