Maybe this explains those “sideways” holes in my targets

My work schedule has me in Detroit next week (when election results come out). Hopefully I’ve also found a local league there to shoot, one gun, on a Thursday evening.

But now, as of 30 minutes ago, I got word that I may be adding Baltimore the following week.

Opportunity knocks!

It’s an easy drive from there up to Tony Brong’s area in PA for the weekend in between so I just blipped him an email to see if there’s a 2700 in the region. (Note to self: Buy 22 ammo in Detroit and PA otherwise I’d have too much for the airplane [11 lbs max].)

Who said work was no fun?

Added later: I’m now registered for the Capitol 1800, relay to be determined, November 10 at the Harrisburg (PA) Hunters and Anglers Association.

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