This is the Chapel at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.

While it is true that this country was founded, in part, with guarantees of religous freedom, you may easily note the copies of the Holy Bible and, not so easily in this image, the stain glass Jesus Christ stain glass centerpiece behind the pulpit.

Our roots are strongly Christian.

But the side window decorations, such as the one below, all have a nautical focus. They are either historical as here, or have an Old Testament quotation such as from the book of Jonah (and the whale). And while many of the individuals mentioned in the Old Testament are common to Christianity, Judaism and Islam, our heritage as well as current practice does strongly favor one of these.

Which religion is right? Which one is the correct one? Which God is the real God?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. Many of those who prayed in this very Chapel gave up their lives for our sake.

Does it matter which God they believed in or even that they believed in any God at all?

What is Holy is belief itself.

It is hope, it is faith, it is striving toward an idea.

That is Holy.

Striving for, and especially giving up one’s very life with the belief that things can be better, is the very essence of faith.

My debt to those Veterans is inexpressible.

The only thing I can say is,

God bless you.


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