(Not mine, thank God!)

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Speculation is a double-charge when reloading caused it. (Shooter had no serious injuries … except to his wallet.)

3 thoughts on “1911 Kaboom!

  1. That’s ugly. I wonder if it was a squib or an excessively leaded barrel. Were they reloading lead bullets? Did they eventually figure out what exactly happened? I wouldn’t want to repeat it.

    1. At the link, they speculate it was a double charge. That’s one of the reasons I use a progressive press (Dillon 650) – it is harder to make this mistake.
      Also, whenever someone at the range gets a squib – a couple per year so they’re pretty rare – I ask what reloader they use. The Dillon 550 – *not* a progressive – is sometimes mentioned, but not (so far) the 650.
      Again, progressives make these kinds of errors harder to make.

      1. Thanks. The pitting on the breach face makes me wonder if hot gasses had been escaping around the primers or around the cases for some time or if the pitting looks bigger than it is because it’s a photo. I reload 45 ACP and I’m no expert but I like to read and try to learn from other peoples mistakes.

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