20121223-152046.jpgYes, the big one is an assault rifle, a “Bug A-Salt” rifle, to be precise. It fires regular table salt a couple of feet, no more, but if you’re a house fly, it’s Armageddon!

The handgun is the air soft 1911 I’ve mentioned before. It’s Sayonara for pigeons and Grackles, but only if I aim very carefully.

There was a Kestrel on the telephone pole a moment ago. He’s after the same prey or perhaps a field mouse in my neighbor’s unkempt back yard. But he flies off as we mutually grant each other a professional courtesy – he can fly to another hunting ground whereas I’m stuck with this one.

The flies are easy targets but not when on my arm or buzzing near an ear.


I’ll go and scout the grassy area. Our granddaughter just cleaned up the dog poo – their dogs, mind you – so the flies won’t be as easy to find.


The hunter stalks!

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