The batteries in my quick access gun safe have died and wherever I put the primary backup key five years ago, well, it just ain’t there, or here, or anywhere else I’ve looked.


My snubby and ball guns are in there.

As a result, I’ll be a gun-free zone this morning but no, I won’t be carrying a sign.

Photo Jan 01, 9 41 31 AMThe secondary backup key is (supposed to be?) in our safe deposit box at the corner bank. That’s on the agenda for today, New Years Eve. (Yes, it was there.)

And buying some fresh batteries.

And writing a note on the family calendar for a year from now to replace the batteries before they die (again). That’ll make it a New Years resolution, and not a bad one at that.

We live, we learn. [Sigh.]

Post Script, New Years Day

The batteries are fine. It’s the electrically activated door latch that’s failing.

Given this could have happened in an emergency and left me defenseless, I’m scratching my head about repairing/replacing the quick access safe, or finding a different answer.

Maybe something entirely mechanical so I don’t have to have nightmares about dead batteries, but with a robust enough latch mechanism to last? It doesn’t need to be particularly heavy duty — I’m mostly just keeping out the kids and their inventive curiosity, but I do want it to last and not fail unexpectedly.

Time to do some shopping, I think.

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