20130104-154225.jpgI’ll be shooting 22 and 45 at an 1800 L Match today (Saturday morning) and then making odd guns available at the annual Central AZ Gun-Bloggers Shoot after lunch. Most of that latter crowd have never seen a Free Pistol much less felt its almost non-existent trigger pull. I’ll be riding herd on muzzle direction ruthlessly with that gun knowing they will AD it more than once. Each.

Then on Sunday, there’s a practice 2700 at the Phoenix club where we shoot considerably smaller targets as compared to those of the L Match. While my scores will be much lower, the L Match will serve as a good warm-up and ego booster.

All totalled, I should have a bunch of empty brass by Sunday dinner.

Then on Tuesday, I return to work and head to Denver for a class of twenty – got a round trip on Southwest for $65.00 – can you believe that? With that many in the classroom, it will be work, hard work, to both engage everyone but still maintain some semblance of a schedule so we finish the material on time. No dropping in on the ranges in the evening up there next week. It’ll be work, eat and sleep, nothing more, till I get back to Phoenix.

10s and Xs!

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