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It’s the movie, Iron Sky, and if you set your expectations correctly, you’ll enjoy it. Maybe even a whole lot.

This is destined to be a cult classic.

Here’s the mindset you want:

  • Expect a class B movie, nothing more.
  • Expect silly, unscientific and transparent.
  • Expect your heroes to be spoofed and ridiculed.

Viewing Recommendation

  • Watch it “On Demand” with DirecTv or as a DVD rental.
  • First of all, you won’t lose a lot on the little screen — the special effects are good but, frankly, the entertainment is in the dialog and easy to see details.
  • And secondly, in those formats you’ll gain the ability to pause, rewind, replay and to even watch the whole thing several times.

And keep the sound up; the dialog is great, even when it’s atrocious, it’s great!

For those who don’t already know the plot — where have you been for the past year? — it seems the Nazis, in 1945 and faced with certain destruction, built a base on the far side, incorrectly called the “dark side”, of the moon. They’ve been hiding there for 70 years building up strength to re-take the Earth.

And the time has come.

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