20130203-061421.jpg6:00 AM.

Decaf coffee and Coaches Oats (oatmeal) for breakfast. (Oops! Almost burned the oatmeal. Blogging and cooking don’t mix.)

Then shower, load box (22, wad, ball plus ammo for each), wear light jacket for the morning, shirt sleeves in afternoon (70F). Slight chance of rain mid-morning.

Out the door by 7:15 AM.

Stop at the corner grocery for the mid-morning snack and also a small cup of pasta with vegetables and some sliced ham for light lunch to eat during the brown bag lunch.

First shot is at 8:30AM.

Tim and Jeannie are back from the Puerto Rico competition. Should have some stories to tell.

John will be running the clinic at lunchtime – that’ll be good!

Wonder how I’ll shoot? (Don’t think. Just dot and trigger, straight back.)

More later.


Not a good day. Shot through the wobble but with a couple of weeks home for the flu and no practice, the wobble was big.

Sometimes it just is what it is.

But it was fun, regardless.

2 thoughts on “Practice 2700 with Clinic

    1. Sick in bed one day but “under the weather” three after that and then a nagging cough for another week. From what I hear, that is typical for those who got the shot.

      But one of our friends — no shot — was unable to get out of bed for a week and then took another week before venturing out of the house. A month later, she’s still recovering.

      The Tamilflu Rx is only supposed to help by one day. Anita and I both did it but, in hindsight, think it was a waste of money. (High risk folks, however, would probably think otherwise.)

      After Sunday’s “not good” performance at the range, I’ve pushed “broom handle” wrist exercises and dry-firing back up near the top of my daily priorities.

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