DSCF1058If you don’t have it, go to bullseyegear.com and order a copy now. There is no better way to improve your pistol shooting.

It is better than shooting because, if you’re shooting wrong, you’ll spend years figuring it out on your own, if ever. Learning by yourself to shoot Bullseye well is next to impossible. I won’t say it can’t be done, but I will say that everyone I know that does it well has had expert instruction. Even those that wrote this book had expert instruction.

But make no mistake, this book is not a free ride.

You can read and understand and, when standing at the line, know exactly what you must do. But doing it? Well, that’s another story.

Nonetheless, this one book will tell you how.

All you have to do is apply it.

Most find that they can read one of the essays and then go to the range and practice what they’ve just learned and see some improvement. A month later, they can go back and read the same article, discover something new, go to the range and practice it and, again, see some improvement.

That’s how this sport works. High Master shooters don’t just get there all of a sudden. It happens slowly, one nuance at a time, accumulated and put into daily practice over many years.

Those nuances and years are in the book.

You’ll need to spend a couple of bucks, and then several years.

But it’s possible.

Many do exactly that. You can too if you remind yourself what you need to do — that’s where this book comes in — and then go to the range and do it.

Read the book. Then do it.

One nuance at a time.

(Patience, Grasshopper.)

3 thoughts on “The Pistol Shooter’s Treasury

  1. I’ve re-read it several times, and each time “new” things jump out and resonate with experiences accumulated since the last reading. Each of the authors is saying more-or-less the same thing, but they all communicate it it in very different ways.

  2. I was pleased to find the book still available at bullseyegear.com after Gil’s passing. But I don’t know if they are simply selling from Gil’s leftover stock, or if they plan to keep it in print. I hope someone has the right to print more as demand warrants but I’m ordering a couple of copies now for future gifts and prizes “just in case.”
    It truly is that valuable.

  3. I got my copy from Mr Hebard when I was just starting out in Bullseye. He highlighted a few areas for me to study and told me to have fun.

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