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Photo Mar 06, 5 28 28 PM (2)In a recent competition, I fired the samples from Bayou Bullets. They all landed in the target “as called.” There were no fliers.

If you haven’t been following this blog, the samples seen here are in new Starline brass. They are 200 grain LSWCs with a proprietary coating. Donnie (at Bayou Bullets) and some of his customers via YouTube videos say the coating reduces smoke.

My interest, however, was in leading issues. We’ll get to that in just a moment but let’s talk about the smoke reduction first.

When shooting, my attention is on my red dot and my shot process. I am focused on delivering each shot into the X ring (which actually happens … sometimes). And so, by the time I turn my attention to the area in front of the gun, the smoke, if any, has usually all dissipated.

So while I can’t personally attest to the smoke reduction, there are some YouTube videos that demonstrate the effect quite clearly.

Of much more interest to me was how they performed over a 50 yard course. And I can happily report they all flew true to my view at the instant the shot broke.

You won’t get a higher rating from any Bullseye shooter.

Because these bullets were the same style, weight, etc as the ones I have been shooting in the past, I skipped load development and went straight to my long-line load. That’s the H&G #68 style bullets with 4.2 grains of Hodgdon’s Clays and Winchester Large Pistol primers with the bullets set for an OAL (or COAL if you prefer the term) of 1.240″ and a crimp of 0.469″.

Leading of the chamber, which provoked my interest in these bullets because of Donnie’s new coating, also seemed to be somewhat better. I intentionally did not brush the chamber half-way through the 900 as is my norm but with the Bayou Bullets, I did not have any of the chambering issues I’ve had with my previous supplier (whose bullets do not have the proprietary green coating).

I have no hesitation, therefore, in giving Bayou Bullets’ product my top rating. They fly consistently, are reasonable in price, and result in less smoke (as reported by others via YouTube) than un-coated lead.

And they’re sure pretty!

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