NRA Membership Status?

NRA_LoginRecently, the NRA had a special offer for existing members to upgrade to “Life” membership for $300, a considerable savings on the usual $1000 fee.

But the offer reached me by word of mouth rather than the usual NRA letter in the mail so after spending my money, I wanted to be sure it “took” but knew it would take a while to reach the NRA’s computers.

So I waited a month and, sure enough, I’m good for life now.

Here’s how you can verify your membership type and status.

Go to and sign in using your NRA membership number and password. If you don’t have or know these, there is a button on that page to “sign up now”.

NRA_Logged_InAfter logging in, the very next screen will show your “Type” of membership; mine says “Life”.

While there, you can check “Your Shooting Classifications” over to the left in the “Manage Your Membership” menu as well as update the usual details.

From now on, while I will continue to add a NRA donation to my purchases from Dillon Precision, Midway USA, Brownells and other NRA supporting organizations, I will know I can safely toss letters like the one this morning giving “Final Notice” to renew my NRA membership.

I’m good, guys. You can save your postage.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you.

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