Not a winner.
Okay, okay, so there’s no staple. I agree. But there never was a staple in this one. It’s just the best picture I could find of a single hole in the X ring, Okay? And I know every one of you has made this shot on the very first shot of a 900 and, as a beginner quickly tried to erase it from your mind lest it curse every shot thereafter, but later as your skills improved, you thought to yourself, “there, just like that. That’s exactly how I shoot all the time.”

In a staple match, everyone puts a buck into the kitty and a single staple into the center of each target. When the line is called, the first to shoot away their target’s staple wins. It has to be completely gone.

We tried one of these in Slow Fire with three very highly placed High Masters along with the rest of us.

As the “Ready on the right” cadence was called, these three looked at each other, one of them grinned and the race was on.

All three broke their first shot very quickly and at nearly the same instant. Still in synchronization, all three bent down to look in their scopes.

Zurek gleefully announced, “Got it!”

I don’t think I’d broken my first shot yet.

We don’t do those anymore.

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