Here are my estimates for the ammunition needed for the Canton-McKinley Regional plus the Camp Perry Nationals, both of which I will be attending this year.

Day Event 22 Wad Ball 38 Air
Canton-McKinley Thursday Practice 10 10 10 10
Friday 22 900 90
22 Team 30
CF Team 30
Saturday CF 900 90
CF Team 30
45 Team 30
SP Team 30
Sunday 45 900 90
EIC 30
DR 30
Perry Nationals Sunday Register
Monday Packet Pick-up
1st Shot Ceremony
Tuesday Practice NTI (EIC) 30
Harry Reeves 30
DR 30
Practice 10 10 10 10 10
Wednesday Preliminary Match 30 60
3-Man Team 30 60
Larry Carter Picnic
Thursday 22 900 90 60
22 Team 30
Friday CF 900 90
CF Team 30
Saturday 45 900 90
45 Team 30
Award Ceremony
Sunday President’s 100 40
NTI (EIC) 30
SP/EIC Team 30
CMP Awards
SubTotals 320 650 310 110 70
Alibi Allowance 64 130 62 22 14
Totals 384 780 372 132 84

I left a couple of things in this spread-sheet because I’m not sure if they exist and/or if I will shoot them. At this point, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I increased the “Alibi Allowance” from my usual 10% to 20% because this is a once-in-a-year event. We’re driving, not flying, and for the trek across Camp Perry to the firing points I have a new, heavy duty Geezer Cart (150 lb capacity) so the increase in ammunition weight is no big deal.

I will take double the estimated 22 caliber ammunition. One set of CCI Standard Velocity (or Fiocchi SV) is for my S&W 41 which I plan to shoot, and the second will be Federal Gold Medal for my backup Ruger Mk III. All of this is “on hand” now.

The “backup” for my wad gun is a little trickier with the lowered availability of reloading supplies.

Rather than shooting different loads for long versus short lines, I will be shooting my long line load in the wad gun for everything. The ball gun will serve as backup in case the wad gun fails and it (the ball gun) functions perfectly with the long line wad load only.

Shooting one ammunition on both short and long lines will also simplify things on the firing line where it can become hectic.

Simpler is better.

In my supply cabinet, I have all the raw materials to make the wad and ball ammo. The next several evenings will see me cranking on the Dillon 650 and marking that ammunition special for the occasion.

Over the next several weeks, there are also several 2700s to shoot at the Phoenix club. I need these practices to polish my skills as much as possible. They will need ammunition, too, so that’s more cranking on the 650.

The bottom line is that I expect to use up just about all of my reloading supplies and for the ammo cabinet to be chock full in the next couple of weeks. And I expect it to be almost completely empty when we start across the country at the end of June for Canton Ohio.

Hope to see you there!

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