SAFS_LegPoints_AddressBlurGot my first leg points, from the Small Arms Firing School’s M9 competition at Camp Perry.

With as poorly as I fired the M9 in that competition, I really didn’t think I’d earned any. I mean, it was awful: 223-1X. [Ugh.]

I remember being in a dark funk the rest of that day and probably not much fun to be around.

Practice the next day brought my mood back around and I enjoyed the rest of the competition but, nonetheless, the SAFS EIC competition was a depressing start.

And then yesterday a letter arrived. You can click it (above) and read for yourself but it says my score ranked me in the top 10% of those shooting the SAFS EIC match.

Holy cow!

Also received yesterday was an email from the CMP with THIS LEG POINT LINK for all leg point awards.

And referring to THIS SCORES LINK, you can see that in the (real) big EIC match at Perry on Sunday, 255-5X was the lowest score earning the big 10 point leg. My decision to skip that match in favor of an early start on the road was the right one. I would not have made that cut, not this year.

Nonetheless, the four leg points earned in the SAFS EIC match are real so I’m officially on the road.

Look out, Distinguished Pistol, here I come … slowly.

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