The South River Gun Club, thirty minutes south of metropolitan Atlanta in the suburb of Covington Georgia, is gorgeous. I shot a 2700 there recently and had a wonderful time.

It’s one of the nicest facilities I’ve visited. They have a good bullseye range as well as trap, skeet and what appeared to be more than a dozen bays for action pistol sports. And the clubhouse is, without question, the nicest I’ve seen in all my travels.

They publish a regular calendar of Bullseye (and other) events — click the sport of interest on the left at their web-page.

(Click any image below for the slideshow.)

3 thoughts on “South River Gun Club

  1. Hi Stephen,
    It was great shooting with the South of Atlanta bunch. Wish I could’a joined everyone again for the North of Atlanta competition the next weekend.
    That third place is, if I’m not mistaken, Ft. Benning. I haven’t been there either – but I haven’t seen a Bullseye schedule for them, only International. Do they shoot both? Zurek competes there but, again, I think he goes for only the International events (free pistol, air, standard pistol, their version of (truly) rapid fire, etc.).
    Regardless, hope to visit and shoot again soon.
    10s and Xs to everyone!

  2. My impression is that Fort Benning is ISSF and other high level stuff only. From watching ISSF matches and the CMP Mind Over Matter video the place looks like a garden at a Japanese temple.

    Not so sure about 10’s and x’s yet. My guns are pretty new and still have many 6’s and 7’s from the factory to shoot out.

    Thanks for the help along the path.

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